What Are Irish Sausages?

You have probably eaten or heard of Italian sausages, Polish sausages, Hungarian sausages, or British “bangers”, but not many Americans have ever eaten or heard of Irish sausages. The Irish sausage has a distinctive, savory flavor that makes it unique from American sausages. I used to eat American breakfast sausages every other morning until my sister brought some leftover Irish sausage home. I took a bite of Irish sausage and I have been eating it every other morning ever since. An Irish sausage is softer than American sausages and is mostly made from pork, egg, black pepper, and garlic. Read this short guide to know how to cook these savory sausages and enjoy them at home.


Things You Will Need To Cook Irish Sausages

First you will need to get an Irish sausage to cook. You can buy frozen packs of Irish sausage from some grocery stores or you can order some from an online store. Some Irish delis may also sell uncooked sausages for you to take home. After getting the sausages, prepare about 2 tbsp. of olive oil or 2 tbsp. of butter. You will also need a pair of tongs and a skillet for cooking your sausages.


Cooking The Irish Sausage

First, put the butter or olive oil in the skillet and heat it over medium-high heat. Once the butter or olive oil is hot and bubbling, put a whole Irish sausage in the skillet. Sauté the raw Irish sausage for about ten minutes. To check if the sausage is fully cooked, cut into it with a knife and check the center of the sausage. If there are some traces of pink in the center of the sausage, then the sausage is not fully cooked yet. A fully cooked Irish sausage does not have any traces of pink in the center. Use the tongs to turn over the sausage so that both sides are cooked evenly.

Tip: You must make sure that the Irish sausage is fully cooked because an undercooked sausage may contain Trichinosis, a species of food-borne bacteria that are usually found in undercooked pork. Undercooked egg in an Irish sausage may also contain salmonella. Both salmonella and trichinosis can cause severe illness that may lead to death.


Let It Cool Down

Once the sausages are fully cooked, remove them from the skillet using the tongs and place them on a plate. Let the sausage cool down for about five minutes before you eat it. If don’t let the sausage rest for five minutes, the juices will escape from the sausage when you slice it and make the sausage seem drier and less savory. Also, the inside of the Irish sausage is very hot when you first take it out of the skillet, so you risk burning your tongue if you try to eat it right away.

There are many other ways to cook an Irish sausage. The method that I wrote here is the most basic way of cooking an Irish sausage. Search the internet or read Irish cookbooks to learn more recipes that use Irish sausages as the main ingredient.